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Time Management

The most common Time Management issue is that people are reactive rather than proactive. Rather than acting towards long-term goals, they react to external pressures.

Do you see yourself as a decision maker who never gets around to making decisions? Often think: " I could get more done if only"... dread the phone, the knock at the door, the next meeting? Usually, time management is characterized by; last minute rushes to meet deadlines, meetings that are either double booked or achieve nothing, days, which seem somehow to slip unproductively by, crises, which loom unexpectedly from nowhere. This sort of environment leads to inordinate stress and degradation of performance. It must be stopped.

This workshop will help you unlock the doors to a new world. Time can become your trusted friend. Find out how through this workshop. Learn to enhance performance and behavior by encouraging the constructive use of time, achievement of deadlines with available resources and effective prioritization of work.

Participants will learn to:
  • Achieve better results through more effective planning and clarifying objectives
  • Spend more time doing tasks that will allow you to achieve your end goals
  • Say no to unreasonable requests
  • Plan effectively and organize paper work
  • Gain a balance between professional goals and personal time
  • Use time management tools more effectively
  • Set goals and prioritize them to determine if activities are goal-directed
  • Use less time putting out fires each day
  • Delegate effectively and discard the majority of paper that crosses your desk

  • Utilization Profile
  • Time Thieves, Time Wasters
  • Essentials of Time Management, Best Practice
  • Goal Setting to Enhance Productivity
  • Short Term & Long Term Goals
  • Prioritization & Handling Multiple Tasks
  • Conquering Procrastination
  • Time Management Tools
  • Preparing Action Plans

Learning outcome

Time conscience professional equipped with tools and techniques to plan their time in a expert manner that is in line with the organizational as well as their personal long term objectives.

Who should participate

The training workshop is suitable for Professionals from any discipline or department working in public/private/development sector companies / organizations / financial institutes.

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